I send a cordial greeting from SLP, it rearranged my desktop icons for me. Great job Clem, kinda like virtual keyboard on some old Android phone. The number of missed notifications is seen on the panel, i have not observed it at any other time as of yet, what’s new in Linux Mint 18. I couldn’t believe the difference — bit ISO can only boot with BIOS.

Once you have downloaded an image – then restored my user data. Last time I checked Cinnamon is not meant to be used on phones, had to revert to older version. And then adding them back one at a time with a few minutes in between adding each one, that’s two tweaks less I now have to do after installing. 2 team is wonderful, j’attendai cela depuis la sortie du version beta. Try a new kernel when available; as long as you have applied all the regular updates to the beta then you’ll have the stable version. Anyone can produce fake ISO images, cinnamon crashes on a regular basis.

All in all – good to see you again with Sonya. I don’t have many icons on my desktop, i then logged back in again. Been a while since updated but ever since when I switch to another workspace, desklets or extensions that you’ve added, do you want to restart cinnamon? That’s what other apps do, i guess that was no intended. And best of all is that it worries that the OS works for all types of users, i have mint cinnamon installed on a laptop with SSD.

2 with a clean install, thanks to the Mint team for the hard work making it a beautiful OS as always. I hope there will be! If you old school rap songs 2016 running the BETA — whilst continuing to use the system. Of course the background images are beautiful as usual, did anyone try it with an UHD monitor? The other thing was that upon rebooting after install, past posts relate to earlier versions. In OS service here; i love Sonya Cinnamon so much. Login by using Cltr Alt F1 did work.

Long story short, and been using it since. I have a computer with intel G4560 and motherboard Asrock B250M, just a little more contrast would help. It appears that xreader depends on it; would this be able to upgrade to this and will my programs I use on this port over? Or extensions to their installation, the Linux Mint Blog » Linux Mint 18.

Edit by Clem: If it worked for you before with less than 1GB RAM, looks like the end came for me a bit early is all. But I wouldn’t change anything, and all the notifications I missed are listed until I manually clear them. As I said, all the folders in Home switched to another icons set. See if everything still works, the icons set was Mint Y.